Sonntag, 31. Dezember 2006 knocking at the door

It was for me a big joy to met so many creative People, even if only in this virtual space. Everything has enriched my life. To blog has my life, and not only the creative, also positively changed very much.

I wish you and me a new year full of creativity and lots of joy.


MargaretR hat gesagt…

Avery happy and crearive new year to you Beate. Mags

Friederike! hat gesagt…

A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU, TOO, with many creative hours & experiences and interesting people coming into your life!
Cheerio ;)
Friederike! & Sandra

Gunnels blog hat gesagt…

I really think the same. With blogger and flickr I have meet so much new people! and it gave me so much new inspiration! so many creative people out in the world......It´s make me happy!

Happy New Year, Beate!


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