Sonntag, 13. August 2006

Collagen Postcards

Collage # 3
10 x 15 c m - mixed media

Collage # 2
10 x 15 cm - mixed media

"secret society"
10x 15 cm - mixed media


Anonym hat gesagt…

these are wonderful! I especially like the crayon postcards.

Julaine hat gesagt…

Beate - your postcards are wonderful. I am quite fascinated with "Secret Society"...what was your inspiration on that?

Beate hat gesagt…

I hope I can give an understandable answer.
6 years ago, it become conscious by me - that sounds so simply - besides, it was a very long, very painful process - that I have been oral violated by my father, when I was a baby.
This year I feel I have leave it behind myself.
When I saw this photo, I had the feeling that all the fathers who do violated her children are such a society who have blood in the hands and do not see what they do to her daughters. Thus this work has originated and been put for me the abuse again a piece on Dinstanz.
What is all together very salutary for me.

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