Donnerstag, 8. Juni 2006

Time waste

Ich denke, ich bin jetzt schon über 1 Stunde damit beschäftigt meinen Blog wieder auf den alten Stand zu bringen. Das nenne ich Zeitverschwendung. Ich habe wohl nicht alle Links zusammen bekommen, die ich zuvor in meinem Blog hatte :-(

Now I already work more than 1 hour to bringing my Blog again on the old state. I call this time waste. I do not have got together all links which I had before in my Blog :-(

Viele Stunden Später:
Ich bin immer noch dabei diesen Blog wieder einzurichten, ich kann nicht glauben, wie oft da was schief gegangen ist. Doch nun reichst es mir wirklich, denn, das ist echte Zeittverschwendung, oder?
Außerdem habe ich Zahnschmerzen.

Many hours of late:
I'm still to be on fixing these Blog again, I cannot believe how often there what has failed. However, now it must to been an end, because, this is a real time waste!!
In addition, I have toothaches.


Linda_S. hat gesagt…

Hello, I am Linda S. of Fabric Follies.
First, I hope your toothache is better. Nothing makes one feel worse than having that ache in your mouth. Also, I had many problems with Blogger here in Texas for a month or so and worked at trying to fix it only to find that Blogger was changing our their server and that was causing my problem. I hope yours is fixed soon.
I can't tell you how honored I feel to be linked to your wonderful site. Thank you!

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese hat gesagt…

I have also been experiencing problems with blogger, and have not been able to update my own blog for a little while. You seem to have yours up and running again. Well done. Es ist immer so interessant und macht viel spass. Danke dafuer.

Maggie H.

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