Donnerstag, 15. Juni 2006

Letzte Worte..

Tja, was soll ich sagen, es scheint wohl so, dass ich meinen defekten Blog mit einem neuen Template wieder aktivieren könnte, doch dabei gehen dann alle meine persönlichen Einstellungen verloren - und das sind eine ganze Menge. ich habe mir nie eine Kopie aller Links gemacht, z.B.
Well what I should say, it probably seems in such a way that I could activate my defective Blog with a new Template again, however, then, besides, all my personal settings get lost - and this is a lot. I have never made a copy of all my links, e.g.


neki desu hat gesagt…

Hi Beate,

This happened to me i just freaked out . Then i found and joined a blogger troubleshooting forum.
All the information you need is going around there.The most useful thing I've learned is that you have to copy your template paste it to notepad and save it.Therefore when something like that happens you just copy and paste to your messed template and you're back again.
Contact blogger help, the first response is automated, but do keep insisting and someone will contact you.
If you want go to my blog and follow the link on my sidebar it will take you to the trouble shooting forum. There you can browse and see if there's a solution or you can join so you can post and get an answer.

hope this helps. good luck

neki desu

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese hat gesagt…

I suddenly realised this could happen to anyone. Thank You for alerting us to this and to neki dasu for helping us a with a solution.Its a lot of work to re do a blog, especially all the links and personal stuff. Hope it all sorts itself out. Good luck.

Maggie H

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